The Web School began when web designer Pete Murray, and filmmaker Annie Woodson, decided to join forces and develop a workshop that combined web design with film making in a creative way for primary school pupils. Realising that the new curriculum calls for children as young as 5 to develop coding skills, The Web School answers a need to provide user-friendly frameworks to learn these skills, whilst contextualising them in a meaningful way.

By creating a one-day workshop that allows the pupils to design a website whilst also developing written, video and illustrated content for their site, the children realise they are working towards a concrete goal – a finished website that the class can look back on and share with the world.

Throughout the past year, we finessed the workshops so that the different elements of the workshop are presented in an accessible way, so by the end of the day the class are confident in their new found skills and have begun to see how these tools can be used to communicate their ideas in a creative and professional way.